Stuart Evans

Stuart Evans is the Council’s long standing chairman who joined in 2000 and is also a long term resident of Daresbury. Stuart is currently engaged in various projects including village entrance signs, landscaping and village hall projects. Stuart also runs a commercial property business in Warrington.

Alex Irving

Alex Irving

‘Alex joined the Parish Council in 2016 after moving to Daresbury with husband Roger a year before. She looks forward to taking an active role serving the parishioners.


Jill Bolderson

Jill Bolderson joined the council in early 2012. Since joining, Jill has wasted little time pursuing projects in respect of the village hall, planning applications and planting schemes.


John Warburton

John Warburton joined the Council in 2001 and is the village’s resident dairy farmer. There is not much worth knowing that John does not know about agriculture.

Mervyn Hogan

Mervyn joined the council in 2013, having retired after a forty-year career in advertising and marketing which included co-owning and running the largest independent Direct Marketing Agency in the North West. Mervyn is now quite happy gardening and teaching our Clerk to add up properly.


Gill Hunphreys

Gill has recently taken over as the position on Clerk within the parish council.

Other Local Councillors

The Daresbury Ward is currently represented by Ward Councillors John and Marjorie Bradshaw, who can be contacted at and respectively.

The Weaver Vale constituency is represented by MP Graham Evans